Bring This to That: Voice-Based Structural Editing

with Will Sommers


A few months ago, full stack developer Will Sommers started to experience wrist pain. He began to examine what it would take to reduce his typing input, with a special focus on avoiding 3 character combinations and repetitive strikes.

In this talk, he will share several arguments for using voice coding for your day to day. Perhaps you’ll use it to navigate between files, to run that one key combo you always forget – or even to draft and edit code.

We’ll learn about how to incrementally parse a file into an AST and rely on a language’s unique structure to make editing and navigating a breeze. We’ll walk through a history of computer peripherals and then jump into understanding Github’s tree-sitter, Cursorless and how to get a bunch of value on your first day of using voice in your dev set up.

👉 Check out Will’s collection of cursorless katas

Will Sommers has worked across the stack in a lot of languages, most recently as a tech lead at Rent the Runway. He especially enjoys building dev tools. You can follow him at @willsommers.

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